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Newsletter #147: October 31, 2014

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Toussaint – Day of the Dead

France celebrates Toussaint on November 1st, or All Saints’ Day, where those who have passed away are remembered. Although it’s a religious holiday, like Christmas, it’s also a national holiday and part of the “Vacances Scolaires” where kids get off school for two weeks (which explains all of the kids in the museums this month). If you visit any of the country’s cemeteries on Toussaint you’ll find the French placing flowers on the graves of their loved ones. There are also special services in the Catholic churches. It’s generally a solemn holiday, even though the lure of the more festive Halloween has been creeping into the French culture the past decade. Somewhere in between is the Jour des Morts (or Dia de los Muertos for those who grew up in Mexico or the Southwestern United States) a colorful, festive celebration of those who have passed, with big parades of skeletons and altars laid with fruit and …

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