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Newsletter #146: September 10, 2014

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Tours of My Neighborhood

September is a great month in Paris because so much is going on. Forget January 1st, La Rentrée is the real Parisian New Year. But it also means there’s little time to hang out at my desk writing newsletters. I’ll be in Bordeaux for the 30th annual Marathon du Médoc and then up to Mont Saint-Michel for a tranquil evening on the abbey’s island. In between I’m busy leading tours around Paris and Chantilly. My absolute favorite neighborhood tour is…my own! I love the 13th arrondissement, its variety and surprising mix of adorably old-fashioned streets and impressively modern architecture, the murals by world class artists, the open-air food markets, the riverside guinguettes at the foot of the National Library, and the quirky Chinatown shops. It’s also an excellent district for movie-goers, with the new Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé opening today (particularly interesting if …

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  • When I lived in Paris, my apartment was in the 13th and I couldn't agree more – that arrondissement is so underrated! I absolutely loved the feeling of being part of a real, Parisian neighborhood not crowded with tourists. There are so many great bakeries, restaurants, and shops and you're not to far off the beaten path. Just a short walk or Metro ride to anywhere you want to be. My favorite part of living in the 13th was being able to walk 5 minutes La Mosquee and Rue Mouffetard…and then retreat back to stillness of my neighborhood!