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Newsletter #141: May 20, 2014


In this Issue

* Exclusive New Tours
* Beer & Booze in Paris
* Private Boat Rentals
* Paris Haiku
* Gourmet Food Delivered
* Starting a Company in France
* Paris Dining Notes
* Friday Night Fun Run
* Stylish Liquid Smoke
* Paris Finally Gets a Dog Park
* Paris for Parents Website
* Advance Copies of Naughty Paris
* Paris Tourism Stats for 2013
* Secrets of Paris News & Calendar

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In case you’re new or confused, the Secrets of Paris Newsletter has been a monthly newsletter since 1999, but since this year is our 15th anniversary, I’ve decided to do two newsletters each month. As usual, half of the tips are written for newcomers and visitors, and the other half are more useful for Paris residents. If you’ve been forwarded this newsletter and would like to receive it directly in your email, just sign up here.

Exclusive New Tours

Things have been very busy behind the scenes here at the Secrets of Paris. The next newsletter I’ll be announcing a limited edition of new tours that I’ll be offering exclusively as part of a special crowd-funding campaign I’m busily organizing. So if you’re coming to Paris within the next 12 months and are looking for something different and fun, be sure to stay tuned for newsletter #142, which will be out sometime over the next two…


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  • Heather, I just wanted to write a quick note to compliment you on the quality of your newsletter. I find that a lot of the English-language blogs regurgitate the same locales, but you consistently mention names/places/events I haven't seen elsewhere. As someone who lives here, I really appreciate you doing the hard work to unearth them and that you consider residents as well as visitors. Brava! Lynn