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Newsletter #136: February 21, 2014

vintage Paris photo

In this issue

* Your Paris Stories & Giveaway
* Paris Dining Recommendations
* Compare Currency Exchanges
* New Books on Paris History
* A Website for Students in Paris
* Dancing at La Coupole
* Photo of Parisian Life During WWI
* Running Events in France  
* Lost Pet Alert on Facebook
* Helping Expats Keep Citizenship
* Naughty Paris 2 is Coming!
* Unlock Your Love in Paris
* Paris Events Calendar

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The Secrets of Paris Newsletter has been a monthly newsletter since 1999, but since this year is our 15th anniversary, I’ve decided to do two newsletters each month. As usual, half of the tips are written for newcomers and visitors, and the other half are more useful for Paris residents. If you would like to receive it directly in your email (which is sent out a few days earlier than it is posted online), just sign up here. 

Write Your Paris Stories & Book Giveaway

Has Paris ever inspired your creativity? If you’ve fantasized about writing your own Paris story but don’t know where to start, join creativity coach Cynthia Morris’s online writing class, Write Your Paris Stories, beginning March 12th. I met Cynthia at a Shakespeare & Company event almo…

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