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Newsletter #133: January 2, 2014

vintage Paris photo


* Live Your Legend Meetup* Elope in Paris
* Paris Dining Challenges
* Paris Dining Recommendations
* Sports Bars in Paris
* Shoes, Clothing for Dancers
* Shopping Mayhem January 8th
* Survival Packs for the Homeless
* Eco-Friendly Kitchen Store
* Running in Paris…& Beyond!
* Taxis to/from Train Stations* Consumer Prices Up for 2014
* Secrets of Paris Internships

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Live Your Legend International Meetup January 7th

About a year ago I started following the website “Live Your Legend: Change the World by Doing the Work you Love” created a young Californian, Scott Dinsmore. It’s a site I recommend to a lot of friends who are looking for inspiration to quit jobs they hate and pursue their passions. It has become such a popular site with people around the world that on January 7th there will be a “Live Your Legend Local Meetup” in 138 cities in 44 countries. I volunteered to help organize the 

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