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Newsletter #129: August 2013

Paris door

In this Issue

* Enjoying Paris Outdoors
* Open-Air Dancing in Paris
* Indoor Ballroom Dancing
* Paris Nightlife Website
* Where to Buy Cheap Stuff
* Dining Hits & Misses
* Zeppelin Rides over Paris
* Artisan Beers in Paris
* Au Revoir, Ambassador Rivkin
* Kloon: A Magical Story 

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Enjoying Paris Outdoors

We’ve had a surprisingly summery summer in Paris (and after the chilly rains of May and June, I’m not going to complain about July’s 35°C/95°F temperatures), so there’s no reason to be indoors. Save the un-air-conditioned museums, shops and restaurants for the inevitable return of inclement weather, and take advantage of the numerous open-air activities, particularly along the Seine (Berges d Seine, Paris Plage and Paris Rive Gauche) and Canal (La Villette and Canal St-Martin). You’ll find outdoor dining, bars, live music, open-air cinema, and plenty of lounge chairs and play equipment for kids and adults. The fun fairs at Tuileries Gardens and the Fête des Loges at St-Germain-en-Laye run through August, followed by the Fête du Bois (aka Fête de Neu Neu) in the Bois de Boulogne throughout the month of September. If you need yet one more reason to enjoy the great ou…

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  • This is an especially great edition full of wonderful information! Thanks so much for taking the time every month for putting this together!