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Newsletter #127: May 2013

vintage Paris photo

In this Issue

* Artist Studio Openings
* Unique Souvenirs
* SIM Cards in France
* Workspace by the Hour
* Dogs in Paris
* Healthy Paris
* Electronic Cigarette Boom
* Help Light up the Palais Garnier
* Traditional Chinese Tea
* The Sorbet Truck
* American Musical Theatre in Paris
* Paris by Night Tour Scams

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Artist Studio Openings

As the sun begins to creep out little by little, the artists’ studios of Paris open exceptionally to the public, including the Portes d’Or in the 18th’s Goutte d’Or district and Lézarts de la Bièvre in the 13th’s Gobelins district. If you missed the Portes Ouvertes in Belleville, you can still purchase the miniatures “petits originaux” (photo), which support the Association des Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville, at La Galérie des AAB (1, rue Francis Picabia, 20th, M° Courcelles) and on their website. Check the

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