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Newsletter #122: November 30, 2012

vintage Paris photo

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* The Holiday Season has arrived in Paris
* Wiki Cell: The Food of the Future
* Radios for the Homeless
* A Man with a Van in Paris
* An Alternative to Taxis
* Join an Apocalypse Flash Mob
* Angels of Paris
* American Library in Paris Book Award
* Quick & Easy Train Tickets
* New Services at La Poste
* French Shopping Sites
* Winter Tours and Itineraries
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The Holiday Season has arrived in Paris

ice skaters
Skating on the Champs-Elysées

Christmas markets, colorful lights on all of the shopping streets, flocked pine trees, magical window displays at the department stores, the giant Ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde, open-air ice skat…


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  • Thanks for sharing this post. I was in Paris for Christmas and New year celebration 2012. It was a great experience. I have never seen such a beautiful city in my life. I liked everything about Paris, its food, museums, and everything else.

  • Love the photo of Pedro & Lena in the shopping bag. What a handsome duo, and what joy they must bring to you. Cheers.

  • Thanks for the link to the Secrets of Paris Calendar. Just when I think Paris couldn't look more beautiful. it gets bedecked in lights and baubles – si jolie!