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Newsletter #12: July 2001

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***Secrets of Paris Newsletter #12: July 22, 2001***

* From the Home Office*
This instalment of Secrets of Paris newsletter is a bit behind. It took me two weeks just to find a parking spot in Cannes on Bastille Day evening to watch the fireworks display. I know, I know, pretty stupid to go out in a car on the national holiday, but there’s not much in the way of public transport on the French Riviera after dark. That’s why Paris can be such a great place for visitors. No need to drive, no need to worry about parking, getting towed (I was on the wrong side of the street, doh!), how much you’ve been drinking, or who has priority. I’m working hard on the next article for Secrets of Paris at Suite101.com regarding driving in France. If you’re considering zooming around as many foreigners do, then I hope you’ll tune in next week for some tips.

In other news, Mr. Heather has finished up his MBA down here on the Riviera, but instead of packing up and heading back to Paris, he’s found a job here. I myself am quite happy to stay down here during the warm days of winter, but I have to admit I feel quite homesick for Paris every time I write this newsletter. But don’t worry, I’m not going to stop just yet. I may, however, start up another newsletter with the really original name: Secrets of the French Riviera. Someone needs to bunk the myth that this part of France is vulgar and expensive! I’ll let you all know when I get it up and running. Until then, hope you’re having a great time in Paris! – H

* Helicopter Tours *
If you’ve been there and done that in Paris, or maybe you’ve got a special anniversary coming up, why not splurge on a helicopter tour of the City and Versailles? A bit pricey at 1200ff per person, but the view sure beats the one you’ll wait in line to see at the Eiffel Tower! Check out the French/English website of Helifrance for more info:

* New Futuristic Nightspot *
From the guys behind the runaway success of the Café Charbon in Menilmontant comes "Le Nouveau Casino". Created especially for pop and electronic music concerts, this redesigned concert hall has an ultra-contemporary architecture resembling a multi-faceted metallic grotto. Stop by or call for the concert program for August:
109, rue Oberkampf, 11th arr., metro Menilmontant
Tel: 01 43 57 57 40

* Dine in Style at 3AM? *
There’s always a good deal going on after midnight around Paris ( here’s a good place to look for ideas: http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/secrets_of_paris/27728), and a great place to check out is the bar-restaurant Le Pre. Situated right in the heart of the Left Bank on Rue du Four, Le Pre is opened until 5am every day, and they serve dinner until then on Thursday through Sunday. The ambiance is pop deco with lots of round shapes in rosy colors. There’s also a terrace for warm evenings and a Moroccan-style room underground for getting cosy. With the same owner as the popular Mabillon, Le Pre will certainly attract a stylish crowd:
4-6, rue du Four, 6th arr., metro Mabillon or Saint-Germain-des-Pres
Tel: 01 40 46 93 22

* Luxury Window Shopping *
Maybe you never allow yourself to enter the fashionable boutiques along Rue du Faubourg-Sainte-Honore after seeing the pricetags, but you shouldn’t miss the slick new vermillion interior of the Comme des Garcons branch at number 54. Rei Kawakubo and Overall Concept designed the boutique with "impact and surprise" as their goals, covering the structure in red and white fibreglass. Come inside for a peek, and you may find a nice little number for Saturday night while you’re there:
54 Rue du Faubourg-Sainte-Honore
Tel: 01 53 30 27 27

* For Chic Children *
If your kids can’t take one more zoo/playground/science museum, why not take cool refuge in the Musee Galliera for the exhibit "La Mode et l’Enfant", a detailed history of children’s fashions (and this is France, so don’t expect any Osh Kosh overalls). Through November 18:
Musée Galliera: Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris
10 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 16th arr
Closed Mondays, entrance 45ff
Tel: 01-56-52-86-00

* Origins Arrives in France *
If you’re an American who, like me, used to stock up on Origins products during every visit Stateside, you can save luggage space. Origins recently opened its first French store right in the middle of the Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood (its new owner, the Estee Lauder Group, may have had a hand in that). I’m currently trying to track down Aveda products as well, so if anyone has news, let me know…
Origins, 30 rue Saint-Sulpice, 6th arr., Tel: 01 56 81 08 02

* The Quiet Hotel *
The Relais du Silence is a group of hotels in Europe and Canada that focus on the beauty of nature and, of course, silence. Believe it or not there’s actually four of them right inside Paris, mostly 3 star ratings. If the bustling City of Light keeps you tossing and turning all night, book yourself a room here well in advance:
Relais du Silence
Tel: 01 44 49 79 00

* Pampered Pooch *
If you don’t bring your dog to Paris with you (come on, at least ONCE I’ll bet you’d love taking a walk without the Pooper Scooper), then at least bring him back some good booty. Rumor has it that Printemps, the big department store on Boulevard Hausseman, will be devoting an entire new section to luxury pet products (like jewelry). Until that appears, drop into any good Perfumerie like Marrionnaud and get some "Oh My Dog!" perfume or shampoo. How is doggy perfume different from the human stuff? Supposedly it’s created with scents that make your dog calm and happy. But what do I know? My own pups prefer to roll around in cat pee and dirty laundry…

* Coming Soon at Suite101.com *
The latest driving in France adventures, and the Secret Hiding Place of Parisians in August…look for it this week:

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