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Newsletter #118: June 20, 2012


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* What’s On?
* Fête de la Musique
* A New Mural the 13th
* Discover Your Personal Style
* For French Football Fans
* American Football Fans
* La Défense Mall Open Sundays
* Summer Terrace Musicians Wanted
* Paris Pools on Strike
* Naughty Paris…Take Two!!
* The Best Way to See Versailles
* Pianos in the Streets of Paris

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What’s On?

It’s trying to be summer in Paris. It really is. We had a beautifully sunny Sunday, and today is looking fabulous. But there are more thunderstorms and cloudy days announced, so don’t put away those trench coats and umbrellas quite yet. Hopefully it won’t put too much of a damper on all of the fabulous outdoor events that are taking place all over town this weekend! Some are listed here, but don’t forget to have a peek at the Secrets of Paris calendar to keep up with the latest happenings around town, added ad hoc as I find out about them. As it’s still the busy season (!!), this is another “photo-free” edition of the Secrets of Paris. Do check the website in the next week; when I put the newsletter online I’ll add some pics. You can also follow me on Twitter

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