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Newsletter #117: May 10, 2012

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* Hobnobs and Kraft Mac’n’Cheese
* Portes Ouvertes: Artists Ateliers
* Bercy Village Evolves
* Docks en Seine Finally Opening
* Eating in Paris
* The Mayors’ Bathrooms
* File your US Taxes. Yes, I’m talking to YOU!
* Mont St Michel Closes the Bridge
* Swim in the Seine
* ParisSharing: Connect with the Locals
* Running with Heather & Bryan
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Hobnobs and Kraft Mac’n’Cheese

There seems to be a wave of American and British food taking over Paris. Burger trucks, NY-style steak houses, and bagel bars are opening all over the place. Carrot cake, pancakes and fish’n’chips are no longer exotic foods. I was at the MK2 Bibliothèque Cineplex last week and found a little American (junk) food market had opened up next to the music store. Pretzel M&Ms, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, three different kinds of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and even Duncan Hines Devil Food cake mix. The prices were as heart-attack-inducing as the food itself, of course. Most of the shops selling American food in Paris seem to add an extra zero to any product they sell. At Thanksgiving (on the Rue St Paul in the Marais), a box of Lucky Charms is €12.50. When I do get a hankering for junk food, I head over to WH Smith…

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