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Newsletter #111: October 2, 2011


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* Immortalize Yourself for Just €10
* A New Place de la République
* Angelina at Versailles
* A Beautifully Quirky Museum
* Italian Cocktails, Chinese and a Wine Bar
* Souvenirs Made in France
* Post-Midnight Pizza Delivery
* Uniqlo Winter Clothes
* French Tax People Are Nice
* e-Petition for the Mairie de Paris
* Dog Insurance in France

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Immortalize yourself for just €10

Ever since 1934, the greatest silver screen stars have been immortalized in the legendary Harcourt Photography Studio in Paris, from Audrey Hepburn to Melanie Laurent. If you want one of these iconic black and white portraits of yourself, you’ll need €900-€2000 depending on whether you want a formal shoot or a more spontaneous pose in their hidden studio just off the Champs Elysées. Read more about the experience here. But now anyone with €10 pocket change can get a real Harcourt portrait done in their newly opened

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  • Casino also sells CAT INSURANCE for only 50 euros a year. You can buy it when you check out- as a little card- like the SFR cards.