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Newsletter #110: September 1, 2011

Paris rooftops

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* Do-It-Yourself Workshop Space
* Emergency Groceries 7am-10pm
* Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bar Disappoints
* Affordable Art, Sport and Music Classes
* New French Electric Scooter-Car Hybrid
* European Heritage Days Highlights 2011
* Islam & the City: Muslim Punk Music?
* How to Walk in Stilettos
* Orsay Museum Gala Reopening Soirée
* Getting Your Ikea Furniture Home
* Ecological Music Festival at Bagatelle
* Recent Articles and Posts
* Secrets of Paris Calendar & Tweet

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Do-It-Yourself Workshop Space

Parisians tend to have small apartments which aren’t conducive to most DIY projects that require space to work, store tools, and make lots of noise (although most of my neighbors drill and hammer away at 9am anyway). But now there’s a place you can go in Paris to learn, create and work independently to your heart’s content. The fully-stocked workshop spaces at L’Etablisienne are free to use for members for an annual membership feeof €15 plus an hourly fee of €7, up to €450 for unlimited access for a month. The center is run by expert cabinet makers, iron smiths, woodworkers, stained glass makers, basket weavers and other artisans from the prestigious Ecole Boulle who also give short workshops or long-term classes on everything from making an inlaid wooden box to a Tiff…


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  • Just a word of warning to those who choose the last option (order online..) on the ways to get your IKEA furniture home. Don't choose this option! Our delivery was postponed, rescheduled, several items delivered broken, redelivered, item forgotten, redelivered again, item mailed etc. It took nearly two months all together! And several people in my surroundings had the same experience. Ikea outsources this delivery to an external company, but it is definitely not of the same quality as their furniture.

  • You are so right to advise your readers to sign up for classes through the mairie and save money. However, one minor point I'd make is that your inclusion of "choirs" in the list of these cheaper courses is inaccurate: nearly every amateur choir in Paris is inexpensive to join: I have never paid more than 100 euros a year. Moreover, if you are a student, or just poor, the choir will waive or at least reduce your fee. The reason I mention this is so as not to mislead your readers into thinking that a "normal" choir is too expensive. The Cité de la Musique has a great list of choirs auditioning now on their website.http://www.citedelamusique.fr/francais/annonces/consultation_rubrique.aspx?id=64And here is a list of all the choirs in Paris.http://mediatheque.cite-musique.fr/mediacomposite/cim/_Pdf/20_20_Chorales75_Mpa.pdf