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Newsletter #108: July 8, 2011


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* Summer Reading Suggestions
* Vélib’ Rentals Now Online
* Three Places for a Baguette Sandwich
* Rent a car from a Parisian
* Tax Deductible Sightseeing
* WWOOFing in France

* That Green Thing at Hôtel de Ville
* Summer Outdoors in Paris
* No More Wine with your Paris Picnic?
* Cinema Festival and Collector’s Market
* Day Trips from Paris
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Summer Reading Suggestions

There’s never a shortage of books about France, and it seems while I was freezing my derrière off this winter, all of my friends were finishing their manuscripts. So here’s a fresh crop ready for poolside perusal during the long summer evenings. Paris Was Ours is a paperback of essays by 32 diverse writers who live or have lived in Paris, and how it affected them, including David Lebovitz, Stacy Schiff, David Sedaris, and Diane Johnson. Unlike most books about Paris, these writers tell it like it is: good, bad, and sometimes ugly (including the story written by a homeless French mother). Olivier Magny’s book

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