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Newsletter #103: January 2011

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* Bonjour, Je suis Française
* New Taxi Lights
* Multicultural Dinners in Paris
* Artisan Fans & Champagne Country
* RT Flights from Paris to NYC €369 TTC
* Virtual Visit of the Palais Royal
* French Films…that Don’t Suck
* Rent a VW Camper Van
* Events at the Vincennes Hippodrome
* Food Markets Open in the Afternoon
* New Tag-Along Reconnaissance Tours
* Paris Dining Roundup
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Bonjour, Je suis Française

On January 13 I finally got to sing La Marseillaise and pose with Marianne in my beret for my French naturalization ceremony with about 40 other foreign nationals. It was actually a lot of fun and good-humored. The people who work at the Bureau of Immigration must be the friendliest bureaucrats in France! There were no oaths or solemn swearing of allegiance, only a few reminders about the fourth French Republican Value (after Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité): Laïcité. I also got a nice little form letter from President Sarkozy in my welcome package reminding me that, now that I’m French, I’d better follow the French laws. At least now they can’t deport me if I don’t. 😉

New Taxi Lights

I like the way Paris keeps getting more user-friendly each year. By the end of 2011 it will be a lot easier to see if a taxi driving down the street in Paris is free or taken. That’s because the old syste…

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