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Newsletter #100: August 2010

Paris rooftops


* Ride-share in France
* English Hairdresser
* French Shoes in Large Sizes
* Get a Loan on Collateral from My Aunt
* Gourmet Haven on the Faubourg St-Denis
* Natural Beauty on a Budget
* French Rock Bands
* Sell Your Mobile Phone
* 7am-11pm Convenience Stores
* Baking Supplies in Paris
* New Paris Bus Tours
* Mark Twain’s Tale of Joan of Arc
* Vespa Scooter Rentals
* French Perfume Samples
* Municipal French Classes
*The Secrets of Paris Blog
* Naughty Paris News
* Secrets of Paris Calendar & Tweets
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Ride-share in France

Whether you’re looking for a cheap way to get around France or driving your car across the country and looking for someone to share the price of the gas (and to keep you from dying of boredom in those summer traffic jams), have a peek at www.vadrouille-covoiturage.com. This secure site puts together drivers and passengers in a safe and convenient way (and they also recommend how much should be charged based on tolls and gas fees).  In French only.

English Hairdresser

Had enough of trying to explain what you want done to your hair in French or Franglais? Head down to Stylepixie Salon, where the English stylist Victoria will cut, color, or style your hair the way you want. Her salon is in a cool artsy loft space just outside metro Pierre et Marie Curie (line 7, directio…


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  • Hooray! An English salon! I've taken to waiting 6-8 months between haircuts, just because I can never quite explain in French what I want. So glad to know about this – thank you!

  • thank you for the tips on shampoos! i've heard hair products can get ridiculously expensive in france, and as someone who prefers natural, i was not looking forward to what i`d have to pay!

  • Great newsletter. I was thrilled to read about the perfume samples. I'm going to Paris for 5 weeks in less than a month and I've checked and my favorite scents don't come in a travel size. I didn't want to have to bring my regular sized bottles – problem solved. I'll be ordering 2 different ones so I can switch it up! Thanks for the tip!