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Young & Happy Youth Hostel

Young & Happy Youth Hostel
80 Rue Mouffetard, 5th.
Tel 01 47 07 47 07.
M° Place Monge


The Y&H is on a lively market street where I used to live as a student. Rooms have private sink and shower and bunk beds, an outlet to charge your cell phone, and the lobby bar has daily papers and an Internet station.

Breakfast is down in the vaulted stone cellar like most breakfast rooms in Paris hotels. There were a few shocked faces at the table when they realized breakfast consisted of coffee or tea, a slice of baguette with butter and choice of jams, and a glass of OJ. Welcome to France! But seriously, it’s included in the price and will hold you until lunch (or the nearest bakery).

Of course I met some very nice people when I visited; there were two American women, a Canadian and a German student, and a Japanese shopaholic in my room. It was one girl’s birthday, so we went to a bar next door (there are many on the street) and met the French rugby team and generally had a good time until curfew at 2am.

There are some hostels in Paris that don’t have lock-out or curfew, some that are cheaper, some all the way out in the edge of the city. If you’re on your own they’re a pretty good deal, just don’t forget to pack the earplugs if you’re a light sleeper! Prices are €21-€23 per night in a dorm, and you can rent sheets for €2.50.