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Sejour Hôtel

Hôtel du Sejour
36 Rue du Grenier St-Lazare, 3rd.
M° Rambuteau
Tel +33(0)1 48 87 40 36
Fax +33(0)1 48 87 40 36

Sunny and clean rooms for next to nothing in the center of Paris! What’s the catch? You’ll have to haul your luggage up the stairs, rooms are simple and don’t have televisions or A/C. If you’re OK with that, then keep reading.

Run by Maria and her husband Jean for the past 11 years, the hotel has a distinct family feel, you might expect to hear, “Don’t you kids stay out too late,now!” They come across a bit abrupt on the phone but in person will jump on any opportunity to chat away with their guests.

Renovations seem to be ongoing, with the most recent ones finished on the top floor. Thus, rooms are a mixed bag. Some are carpeted; some have faux-wood linoleum flooring. Some have their own tiled bathrooms with shower and toilet; others have shared facilities in the hall. The furnishings are mostly nondescript, dark wooden headboards and wardrobes.

The Sejour is situated above a café and next to two supermarkets on the edge of the Marais district, just a few steps from the Pompidou Centre and the trendy clothing shops of Rue Etienne Marcel.

20 rooms: reception on 1st floor, no elevator, some en-suite bathrooms with shower (others use hall facilities).Cash only. Doubles from €58.

Originally reviewed for the nice folks at Eurocheapo.com.

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  • the owners are nice, but at 40 euros for a small room without bath or toilet, its not exactly next to nothing. The rooms are clean, and tidy, but the hotel sits on a busy street corner so it can be a bit noisy, and the top floor’s are freezing.