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Port Royal Hôtel

Port Royal Hôtel
8 blvd du Port Royal, 5th
Tel 01 41 31 70 06
M° Gobelins


For those who like helpful hotel staff, the budget Port Royal Hôtel (at the southern end of the 5th) offers guests a two-page write-up of the neighborhood, including interesting sights to see, where to eat, which buses will take you where, and local history (believe me, most budget hotel staff wouldn’t know any of this). I popped in while updating the hotel section of the annual Fodor’s Paris, and can confirm that the place is as bright and spotless as usual. The antiques-furnished lounge areas, garden courtyard, and rooms with wrought-iron beds, mirrors, and armoires are simple, but lovingly maintained. 46 rooms, 20 with bath/shower. Rooms at the lowest end of the price range are equipped only with sinks (an immaculate shared shower room is in the hallway).  Still no TVs, no A/C, and no credit cards accepted, but what do you expect for 78 euros?

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