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Lyon Bastille Hotel

Hotel Lyon Bastille
3 Rue Parrot, 12th
Tel 01 43 43 41 52
M° Gare de Lyon


Two American chocolate-makers I met stayed a few nights at the Lyon Bastille “so we could spend more money on wine”. It’s a basic hotel between the Place de la Bastille and the Gare de Lyon train station (métro lines 1 and 14, very good lines). They’re only complaint was that the room was stuffy (ah, spring), but that it was too noisy on the street to leave the window open. Remember this when you’re booking: nice view of city = noisy streets; view of inner courtyard/airshaft = quiet night’s rest. BTW, the hotel’s website says they’re “in” the train station, but that’s just a bad translation; they’re about a block and a half from the station. Rooms have satellite TV  and free WiFi Internet access. The Marché Aligre and Viaduc des Arts artisan boutiques are just a few blocks away.  47 rooms, 1 suite, from €110.

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