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Sinorama Cantonese Restaurant

135 Ave de Choisy, 13th
Tel 01 44 24 27 81
M° Tolbiac

In a rare moment of calm (we closed the place down!)

I live on the edge of Chinatown and pass Sinorama on my way to yoga class twice a week, yet it took two years before I finally got around to going (anyone see a theme here?). Considered the most authentic Cantonese restaurant town, Sinorama is always packed despite the impatient servers (bordering on rude depending on your own tolerance level) and long waits on weekends.

Our surly waiters figuring out who gets to eat first.

Only part of the menu is displayed in the window. Favorites include the lacquered duck (for two people) accompanied by soup and crispy noodles, the stuffed tofu (fried or steamed), or even the pork intestines in hot sauce for the brave! Count on about €15-20 per person with wine.

The food was so good I forgot to take a photo until we were done…

Asparagus and rosé wine…in November, no less!

PS Two recent Vietnamese restaurants tested and enjoyed: David showed me Le Bambou (70 rue Baudricourt, 13th), where I had #42 (something with pork and noodles); and Carolyn took me to Quê Hong (16 rue Vertus, 3rd), where I had an excellent Bo Bun. The latter was much less crowed, too, so we could take out time at lunch.

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