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Pho Bahn Cuon

Every night on my way home from yoga class in Chinatown I pass dozens of Pho restaurants. But one is always full. So when Gary Lee Kraut (of Paris Revisited) asked me if I wanted to test out any restaurants last week, I suggested Pho Bahn Cuon 14 (129 ave de Choisy, 13th, M° Tolbiac).


Not the most attractive terrace, but since it was almost warmish, we grabbed a free table and ordered the chicken Pho (small for me, €5.50, large for Gary, €6).

This is the small Pho.

This is the big Pho.

 They give you the plate of greens, the dish of spicy sauce and slices of lemon. “How much do I put in?” I asked. I ask this every time I have Pho. Some people say “All of it,” and others say “Until it tastes the way you like it.” But I have no idea how it’s supposed to taste, so I just improvise. It tastes pretty good no matter what I do to it. In any case, a big meal for a small price. Not sure I’d cross town for it, but perfectly good place to catch dinner after yoga.


You can read Gary’s much funnier review (and learn about the origins of “pho”) at Paris Revisited under “Explore Paris”, “Food & Drink”.


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  • Stopped in here after walking around le Quartier Chinois and had the nems and a small bottle of rosé. The nems were delicious, probably the best I have eaten in a restaurant. The small bottle of inexpensive wine wasn't bad either. Will try the pho next time.

  • Hello Heather,I’ve just found your site: I am British, live in Italy and a Francophile! I’ve been to this Pho place but my favourite one is a tiny place in rue Volta (Metro Arts et Métiers), with no name (or at least I’ve never found one!) in an ancient building next to an Asian coiffeur! The pho there is phoooo good!Joan

  • Pho is one of the best kept secrets of New Orleans dining. Yum. Whenever I have a bad day, a steaming bowl of Pho does the trick. I swear it has restorative powers! As to how much greens/mung bean sprouts you should put into the soup…I usually put everything in, maybe leaving some chilis out (more chilis if its been one of those days). They serve it with lemon in Paris. Every Vietnamese restaurant around here serves Pho with lime. And Chili Sauce… Delicious.