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Café du Centre

I stopped into this typical Parisian café on the Rue Montorgueil during a tour. I usually stop at the café directly across from my favorite pastry shop, but I knew the toilets there were of the Turkish “hole in the floor” variety, so I went with this café further up the street. It doesn’t look very interesting, and has no character. The green plastic ashtrays (soon to be gone, bwah ha ha!) were the only “décor”.

But we were warmly greeted and given menus that are in French on one side, English on the other. They have fresh squeezed OJ or lemonade, Mariage Frères teas, and on their hot chocolate they make a little smile face, just like in the picture on their website. There was a young man working, and he not only practiced his English for ordering (he was very kind about making coffee “American style” for one of the ladies), he also gave the group a ton of advice on what to visit in the area. The women’s restrooms were fine, although the men’s (I hear) were Turkish after all (sorry, I draw the limit at testing the men’s rooms on tours!)

Café du Centre
57 rue Montorgueil, 2nd
Tel 01 42 33 20 40
M° Sentier or Etienne Marcel