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The Stars in Paris

The city lights are too bright to see any of the stars in the sky, but even the darkest clubs can’t hide the eartl-bound stars who’ve been spotted around town. Last week the city was overrun with the wedding guests of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria (who, incidentally married in the same town hall where your truly got hitched), including actor Terrence Howard, spotted by Petite Brigitte at the VIP Room. I even ran into one lost guest on the metro at midnight, a cousin of Eva’s, who had been trying to find her hotel for almost an hour (not everyone gets a car and driver apparently).

This week CSI Vegas star Gary Dourdan hit every happening nightspot in town, including  Le Baron, Black Calavados, and Neo, and he even sang a Zeppelin song at the final Kararocké soirée of the season at Le Paris Paris with Sean Lennon (check out his new clip sung with French musician M). His entourage stopped at the Babylone Bis on Rue Tiquetonne (2nd) for a very late dinner (the sun has just come up in this photo, below), a legendary Afro-Caribbean restaurant with an impressive list of famous clientele (from Marvin Gaye to Denzel Washington) and an even more impressive braised chicken…mmmmm. The French rap star Mac Tyer (aka Socrate) was also there, wearing sunglasses in the dark restaurant, like you do.

Gary, not too cool to pose with fans, looking all French with that scarf.

 PS: CSI Miami (the one with David Caruso) actually sounds better dubbed in French (they call it Les Experts here in France).


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