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Sherlock Holmes Soirée at Experimental Cocktail Club

Last night the Experimental Cocktail Club hosted a special theme soirée: A Night in the Company of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Amazingly, the crowd was almost all dressed up in Victorian clothing according to the theme (sauf moi, who had no pipe nor top hat lying around, dangit).

The soirée was sponsored in part by Hendrick’s Gin, so all of the evening’s cocktails had a gin base.

There was also punch served in little china cups, dainty little sandwiches, and freeflowing booze.

One of our gracious hosts, Olivier.

 The biggest cocktail shaker I’ve ever seen…

In keeping with the English theme, there was rain (!)
and an antique car from 1903.
That’s our driver on the right (the car being English…
and no, I didn’t ask what kind of car).
Two Americans barely fit in the back…people were tiny back in 1903!



I tried the Aviation, which had juniper juice in it, and was instantly wide awake, hello! 

Stay tuned…there are more Experimental Cocktail Club soirées in different locations, including Cannes and one of the hottest bars in London… 

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  • Interesting blog, good luck with the book, it sounds like a great subject that many women will appreciate (I would probably not know any of the places you talk about, I only go to one bar, the Black Dog (a bar for musicians in the 1st)…Cheers!John

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