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Last weekend at the Rock-en-Seine festival I got to meet up with some of the players of the Parisian rock scene. I know it seems like every club in town is only interested in techno, hip-hop or jazz, but real rock music is out there for those of you willing to sniff it out! Here’s what’s shakin’ at le Paris-Paris, just to get you started…


La Rentrée brings the return of the Ullmann Cabarock at Paris-Paris (5 avenue de l’Opéra, 1st). Concerts from 10pm. Free entry, but you have to be on the list! Send your name and number of people to Nicolas (that’s him playing James Bond in the photo) at ullmann.tcb@gmail.com or by SMS to 06 12 06 58 72. The schedule:

September 5: Opening the Cabarock is Chris Wilson & his Groovin’ Flames (tribute band for Flamin’ Groovies, a cult American rock band founded in 1965 by Cyril Jordan and Roy A Lonely, then joined by Chris Wilson in 1971).

September 12: The Elderberries (that has to be a Monty Python reference) are an Anglo-saxon group (I’m just reporting what I’ve been told, folks) with an average age of 17 years old. They probably shouldn’t be up this late! Fans of vintage clothing and causing a ruckus on stage. 

September 19: Neïmo were at Rock-en-Seine this year, and their “Hot Girl” single plays regularly on Le Mouv’ (a French radio station with no commercials and great rock music). Yes, they’re kinda French (the singer is actually Portugese…don’t tell him he looks like James Blunt, either), but they rock in perfect English with a post-punk sound (they like New Order and Blondie). Popklub Arsenal are also playing, influenced by Morrissey, the Strokes and the Libertines. I’m so bummed I’ll miss this concert! Get on the list early…

September 26: Koacha is a dandy mod group with a post-punk style. Their sound has been compared to Jarvis Cocker on the Pulp albums. Judge for yourself.

More coming soon! 


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