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Elvis Tribute at La Scala


Last night I popped by La Scala “just for a moment” to see a few of the 26 bands performing Elvis hits in tribute to the King, who died 30 years ago this year. Hosted by the Ullmann Cabarock, there were quite a few performers I knew and wanted to see. Alas, as concerts always tend to start an hour (or two) late in Paris, I only got to see a few, including Nicolas’ regular Kararocké band (in the photo above), Arthur H, Adanowsky (who happens to play Mathieu in the Julie Delpy film, Two Days in Paris), and Sheraff, who will be playing at the Fleche d’Or October 2nd. If they can play their own songs with even half the energy they had playing Elvis’ “That’s Alright”, then they’re more than worth the trek across town to see.

Sheraff singer Ben belting out his best Elvis.

Attacked by DJ Nikola Acin (of the Hellboys) on my way out…

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  • Hey,Alors tu travaillais donc vraiment… ;)Merci pour ces jolis compliments et l’info concert! C’est bien ce que tu fais sur ce site.À très bientôt Heather.BEN