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Crash this Party

The most hyped party of the season takes place tonight at the elegant Royal Monceau, a 1920s Parisian palace hotel. But if you haven’t heard, the hotel is closing for a year of renovations, so this will be a very special party…to destroy everything. Voila, a black-tie Demolition Party. The invitation-only VIP guestlist includes the who’s who of French entertainment industry (interpret that any way you want), and supposedly many of the suites will be squatted by musicians who will certainly be encouraged to trash the place during their performances. If you want to quench your own appetite for destruction, start calling everyone you know (especially if you know they hang out at Le Baron) to secure one of the rare invitations. In the meantime, check out the teaser videos here, featuring interior designer Philippe Starck and the nightlife king Nicolas Ullmann (click "explore" to see all of the videos).

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