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The myth that Paris is dead in August just doesn’t want to die. And yes, there may be a few shops and offices closed, but if you’re looking to have fun, there’s no shortage of things to do. Especially after dark. This is the last week to enjoy Paris Plage and the open-air cinema at Parc de la Villette, but the clubs are still going strong. Here are just three sprinkled around Paris:

Fleche d’Or (102 bis, rue de Bagnolet, 20th) remains open all summer, with live indie rock bands and electro clubbing in the former train station. Free entry, 8pm-2am, restaurant until midnight. For the laid-back East Paris crowd.

Le Showcase (under the Pont Alexandre III, 8th) is one of the largest clubs, with Sous Le Pont soirées every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm, free entry until midnight, €10 after that (get there early, always huge lines). For the young bling bling crowd.

Chacha Club (47 rue Berger, 1st) is one of the newest Parisian hotspots, opened in July and packed every night since. Read the Naughty Paris review here. For the chic and sophisticated of all ages.


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  • "If the phrase "Paris is dead" is just a myth, why only post three events/venues to check out? It’s because the myth is mostly true, but maybe just needs some rewording."I only listed three venues because:- They were just an example of the MANY places open all of August- They are places I’d actually go myself (I heard Queen was open, too, but I don’t care)- Sometimes I’m buzy and only post things to do on my calendar or Twitter feed without actually doing a blog entry- And I’m sure you noticed that it was an entry from last summer (2008); there are considerably more things open this summer.I’m trying to think of what *wasn’t* open…Le Truskel, I heard was closed. But so many other live music venues were open, including most of the jazz clubs and Au Limonaire. Fleche d’Or is only closed for renovations (soundproofing), they’ll be open next month (Im sure I put that in an earlier post). And don’t forget all of the music festivals! In Paris we’ve got Rock-en-Seine coming next weekend, with a great lineup of big names and lesser-known bands. I will concede that mt two favorite cocktail bars were closed all month, but my liver (and wallet) could probably use the break. ;)Vive la Rentrée!

  • If the phrase "Paris is dead" is just a myth, why only post three events/venues to check out? It’s because the myth is mostly true, but maybe just needs some rewording.Perhaps something along the lines of "Paris is in a coma" or "Paris is sleeping"?It’s unfortunate that Fleche d’Or has permanently shut its doors due to noise complaints (heard through the rumor mill). Fleche d’Or was probably the best Paris had to offer for indie rock live acts and dance nights, and it successfully offered the city a refreshingly diverse option by avoiding the ubiquitous hip-hop/r&b/techno clubs that drown this city in bad music. But these places run rampant in my city of angels, as well.Paris Plage is cool for day activities. 2009 offered a variety of free daily activities such as swimming classes, tai chi, and dance lessons. It’s mostly retired folks, but they can jive, tango, and dance the Madison like nobody’s business! Also, for free concerts, Paris Plage offered the FNAC Indetendences at Hotel de Ville every Friday and Saturday and some weekdays. Diverse musical genres and some big names, but the relatively unknown bands were quite impressive.It’s good to stumble upon this blog when in Paris. The city needs more of this.