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Kararocké at the Bus Paladium

On Saturday night, despite my sinus infection and the pouring rain, I rallied for a midnight RDV at the Bus Paladium, all the way across town in Pigalle, for Nicolas Ullmann’s Kararocké night. The Bus Paladium is one of the city’s mythic clubs of the 1960s, probably at the peak of its popularity when I was a student in the mid-1990s. On Wednesday they reopened with a completely redone decor (which seems highly influenced by the Chacha Club).

Downstairs is the rock club, open 6 nights a week with DJs and live acts and pints of Heinekin in plastic cups for €10 (okay, there’s no door cover, so stop whining). Upstairs, follow the retro wallpaper, is the lounge-restaurant serving nachos, Argentinean steaks and €18 burgers late into the night (4am, to be exact). here are “private salons” on the second and third floors, but I did not go up, I was there for the karaoké.

Nicolas, dressed as either Jesus-Does-70s-Pimp-Look or perhaps as a BeeGee’s-Gone-Bad, drew some participants out of a hat, wisely alternating between those brave souls who can barely carry a tune (not that I’m judging, you won’t see me up there!) and some who actually sing in their own band (so they’ve got the moves down, if not the sound).How does it work? There’s a live band who actually play and sing backup for you on the tunes (mostly rock classics and some current hits) that you’ll find in the songlist book or on Nicolas’ website. If you suck, the band plays louder. 😉

In general, lots of fun, lots of energy, and a dancing crowd…keep on the lookout for the next Kararocké soirée. In the meantime, the Bus Paladium has different soirées each evening, including the Parisiennes Dolls, every Tuesday downstairs, free Champagne and gifts for the ladies.

Some live action Kararocké.


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