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Pedro & Lena on the Big Screen (and Ladurée)

My little pups are going to finally get their chance! We went to a casting call on Friday to be in a scene of a French film by director Claude Berri. The casting agent was very impressed with how cute they were in their matching winter coats, as well as how well behaved they were while he took photos (he has no idea that Lena and Pedro were raised having their photo snapped every five seconds..they know if they stay still and look at the camera, they get snacks afterwards). Filming starts in January, I’ll keep you posted!


Since we were nearby, we had a little stroll down the Champs-Elysées and stopped into Ladurée to check out the holiday specials. There’s a new “Paris Secrets” design (with drawings of the Eiffel Tower, cakes, and Ladurée motifs) for the macaron boxes and the bags that comes in pink or powder blue, and when I saw the plastic tote bags with the same design I cracked. I’m always using Ladurée bags as my purse-bis because they’re so sturdy and cute. Now I don’t have to worry about the soggy Parisian weather ruining my bag!

Ladurée also has special “charms” that look just like little pastries, soooooo adorable, and “coffrets cadeaux” that make excellent Christmas gifts, hint hint. If you’re in Paris for New Year’s Eve, check out the Ladurée dinner menu for €189.

Unfortunately, little Lena got her paw stuck in something on the way home and somehow managed to rip off a nail — ouch! I didn’t notice until I saw the blood, and ended up taking her to the vet for antibiotics and a bandage to keep her from licking it for 24 hours. Not very chic, but we can’t risk her getting an infected paw and having to amputate! Lena is a pro, though, and didn’t complain once, even when I finally did cut (and rip) off the bandage Sunday morning.

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