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Newsletter #98: April 2010

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* My Weekend at Mont St Michel
* Shopping in a Private Parisian Apartment
* Noteworthy Fashion Boutique in St-Germain-des-Près
* Villa Madame Floral Art Classes
* Discount Hair Products
* New Paris Chocolate Museum
* And a Video Game Museum for La Défense
* Vote for Secrets of Paris Blog
* Les Soldes?
* Your Local Town Hall
* SOS Amitiés Needs French-Speaking Volunteers
* Fondation des Etats-Unis
* Rock-en-Seine Headliners Announced
* Solidays: The French Lollapalooza?
* Secrets of Paris #100!
* Updated Pets in Paris Resource Guide
* Naughty News

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My Weekend at Mont St Michel

Rented a car and took a few friends up to Le Mont Saint Michel last weekend. Some of the highlights: gorgeous sunny weather, my first drive all the way around the Arc de Triomphe (I usually chicken out and take the side roads), avoided getting towed in Villedieu-les-Pôeles (had the “enlèvement demandée” sticker on windshield), found the “impossible to find” statue of St-Michael at one of the boutiques for my (somewhat obsessed) friend, and didn’t trip once on any of those stairs! Bummers of the weekend: getting a parking ticket in less than five minutes outside a Paris hotel, having to point out to a barman that “a glass of red” doesn’t usually mean a glass of Port (even if it was actually fortified Spanish red wine), not taking a photo of the giant omelet that I miraculously finished at Mère Poulard, and the €70 it cost to refill the Renault Scenic’s tank in Paris (and that’s diesel, ahem). See the 


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  • Heather,I just wanted to let you know that Joe and I just had a fantastic time in Paris thanks to your your personal imput.and your Naughty Paris guide. I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciated the fact that you joined us for dinner and a show at the Crazy Horse! Ça m’a fait très plaisir! Please give Sasha and Lauren a big hug and thank you also for sharing the evening with us as well. We had a wonderful time and we will cherish those memories for years to come. Thanks again for helping organize a trip of a life-time! C’état gémial! !