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Newsletter #94: October 2009

vintage Paris photo


* From Heather’s Desk
* The Art Squat is Dead, Long live the AfterSquat!
* Free Pariscope
* Tour d’Argent Wine Auction
* Manicure or Pedicure Chez Toi
* Eiffel Tower & Citroën Event
* Mexican Hot Chocolate by Pierre Hermé
* A Cultural Halloween Alternative
* Free Opera Lunchtime Events
* The Latest Chic Dining Spot
* And the Wardrobe to Go with It
* I’ll Make My Own, Merci!
* Sales Galore & Discounts Online
* Secrets of Paris Blog & Calendar
* Naughty Paris Guide News

From Heather’s Desk

I started the Secrets of Paris as a Yahoo Group back in fall 1999, a decade ago! The first newsletter came out in January 2001, and 93 newsletters later I’m still trying to figure out how to make it the best Paris newsletter (and website) possible for all English speakers who call Paris home. So I’ve created an informal little web survey, just 5 questions, so that all of you can have your say, whether you’ve been reading since 1999 or 2009. This is your chance to offer up suggestions and constructive criticism…just don’t forget that a real human – moi! – is going to be reading the responses. Be kind. 🙂

The Art Squat is Dead, Long live the AfterSquat!

While Belleville artists mourned the loss of the ateliers at La Forge to developers, one of the most popular squ…

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