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Newsletter #9: May 2001

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From the Home Office

Someone who read my glowing, frothy review of Mappy.fr in the 7th issue of this newsletter asked me how much it would cost to give a similar review to their lingerie website. First of all, I don’t get paid at all, for any of this. If anyone wants to pay me, I’d be more than thrilled (and perhaps the quality would improve if I didn’t have to sandwich this newsletter between my translation work and my travel writing assignments). All of the recommendations given here are from my own experiences and research. They are, essentially, my own opinions. Hopefully all of you find them useful. When living in Paris, I had an endless stream of friends, relatives, and alumni from my school that I never really knew come stay with me. They’ve tried and tested all of my recommendations, and I haven’t had an angry guest yet (then again, when…

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