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Newsletter #86: October 2008

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* The Budget Issue
* Airport News
* The Cheapest Ride between Paris and the Airports
* Thomas’ Tip: Get a Carnet of Airport RER Tickets
* Getting Around Europe on the
* The Other Sightseeing Bus for €1.60
* Paris Bus Transfers Now Possible
* New Paris Metro Pass for Tourists
* Free Music Concerts
* Free Culture
* Cheap Culture: Discount Cinema
* Heather’s Top Budget Eats: Under €15
* Custom Couture at Affordable Prices
* Help Others
* Food Shopping Prices in Paris
* Parisian Budget Hotels
* The Coolest New Budget Hotel in Paris
* Fractional Apartment Ownership
* An Independent DVD/Bookshop Worth a Visit
* Parisian Neighborhood Blogs
* Heather’s East Coast American Tour

The Budget Issue

We’ve been enjoying a lovely Indian summer in Paris, crisp and sunny, and the launch of the “Naughty Paris Guide” has been a much-appreciated distraction from the worldwide “crise économique.” Of course, it would be impossible to ignore the upcoming US elections. “So who is going to win?” the French keep asking me. I give my best Parisian shrug and assure them I’ve mailed in my absentee ballot. Everyone does what little we can do and hope it makes a difference for the greater good. So this issue of Secrets of Paris will focus on how to make your Euros go further, whether you’re living in Paris or just in town for a visit. If any of you have favorite money-saving tips you’d like to share, send them to me at secretsofparis@gmail.com. – Heather

Airport News

The first place you see when you arrive, the last when you go, the Paris airports can be co…


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  • I’m happy to reply to David Henry.I dont’ really know if we are reactionary or not. When it comes to deciding whether an attitude is appropriate or not, you can hardly refer to everyone’s own judgement. What is good, what is bad, nice or horrible ? We have to address this dilemma everyday and decide for an attitude that raise a minimum of criticism from our readers. We have chosen to stick to the law, which is an unquestionnable reference. Unauthorized posters and graffitis on the walls of the city (especially in the Marais which is a protected and safeguarded area) are forbidden regardless to their intrinsic value.This is why we may appear as "conservative"Please note, in any case, that we have nothing of an ayatollah. Most of the time, when we report situations, we do it with a humourous tone which is all but aggressive.Please continue to read our posts.Best regards

  • I enjoyed looking at the vivrelemarais.typepad.fr site, and indeed bookmarked it, but I do wish to point out they have something of a reactionary tone, noticeable at least a bit in all the articles on their home page, but especially as concerns their article on Fabien Breuvart, the photographer who has his shop at the Marché des Enfants Rouges. Their article makes me want to go visit him again. I posted my reaction to the article on their site.