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Newsletter #84: July 2008

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* Paris in August
* Summer Cruising on the Seine
* The New Paris Docks
* Wine Museum & Cruise
* Wine Shop Open for Business in August
* French Crackdown on Underage Drinking
* Vélib Celebrates its First Birthday
* Zen Living at BHV
* Shake Your Booty
* Rental Cars and Trucks
* Money Issues
* The Naughty Paris Guides have Arrived!
* Secrets of Paris Blog & Calendar

* Heather’s Tours and Vacation Planning
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* Paris in August *

It used to be totally uncool to stay in Paris in August. And those who have left the city, all at the same time, all in the same epic traffic jam heading to the same overcrowded beaches, are probably going to be stubborn and still insist it’s better than sticking around when “everything is closed”. But those of us still here know the secret: there are fewer things closed in the city than ever before, there’s more to do in terms of culture and outdoor activities, and the streets (and metro) are blissfully uncrowded. Of course, most people leave in August because that’s when their kids are out of school. I tend to take my vacation in June or September because I can. This August I plan on getting some vitamin D (sunlight), of which, despite the periodic storms, there is plenty this summer in Paris. See you on Paris Plage! – Heather

* Summer Cruising on the Seine *

Aside from the lovely Paris Plage, the…


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  • I believe on the site is does say that the fee does not include the drinks or food; they can be purchased on board. You have to buy the tickets in advance online to get that price.

  • Thanks for all this great info! I’ll be in town Sunday the 10th. I was looking into the Canauxrama Bistrot cruise, and was wondering if you had any clue if the champagne and snacks you mentioned were to be purchased on board? (It’s probably silly of me to assume they would be provided for 11€, eh?) I can’t seem to find any details on their site. Either way, I thought it would be a perfect way to introduce myself to the city on the evening of my arrival…