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Newsletter #8: May 2001

vintage Paris photo

From the Home Office

If you’re paying attention at all, you may have noticed this issue is a bit en retard (late). But I have a good reason. I let it be known in the last issue that I don’t actually live in Paris anymore, but an hour’s flight away in the south of France. Well last week I actually got to go back to Paris and spend five days running around like a tourist with only five days to see everything – up at 7am, asleep at 3am, 5 rolls of film and a pocket full of metro ticket stubs. I had lots to do at the Bercy area, the Foire de Paris, and in the northern suburb of Levallois, – three places that couldn’t be further apart. Sometimes it’s hard for even those who know Paris to get everything done in a short period of time. There’s the bad weather, spoiling my photography plans, the metro ‘slowdown’ (at least i…

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