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Newsletter #79: August-September 2007

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Brrr…current weather is chilly and cloudy. That’s actually an improvement over most of August, which has been cold and wet. I never made it to Paris Plage, which, I believe, had only two sunny days this year. Bummer for all of you who booked the more expensive hotels for the air-conditioning alone! Even July was a mixed bag of cool and wet, with a few sunny days here and there. I spent most of the past two months doing photo shoots for the Naughty Paris Guide and working with the book designer on the layout and “look”. Exhausting work, these guidebooks! With so much work to do, sometimes it’s a relief when it’s not too sunny outside. For visitors, it means that the museums, restaurants and hotels without a/c were actually enjoyable. For those of you coming in September, be assured that it’s often one of the sunniest months of the year! After such a cool summer, we may even get a little Indian Summer heatwave…it’s happened before! Until then, don’t forget you…

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  • I stumbled onto your site while surfing for paris…a francophile, oui!Have been enjoying your insights and info.I come once a year and have a great,on limited $ budget. I was there in Oct of 2007 and had fabulous fall weather, and pics to prove it.Weather was in the 70’s!…glad I missed the kind you mentioned in your news letter.Merci,gracias, etc from San Francisco, Ca,Jacquelyn Goudeau ( je parle un peu lu francaise…but I get along famously!)