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Newsletter #78: June-July 2007



** Heather’s News
** Getting Around: New RATP Tickets
** Getting Around: Strikes and Other Bad News
** Getting Around: Vélib City Bikes Arrive in July! Woo hoo!
** Getting Around: Thinking of Renting a Car?
** Getting Around: A Central Taxi Call Number!
** Living in Paris: Now You Can Choose Your Own Utilities Company
** Disneyland Paris : Not for the Faint of Heart
** Sightseeing: Now Opened
** Sightseeing: No More Free Views from the Pompidou
** Travel: Another Low-Cost European Airline
** Culture: Mini-Subscriptions at the Paris Opera
** Nightlife: Champs Elysées Closings
** Hotel News: The Best Large Hotel in the World according to Zagat
** Getting Connected: Paris WiFi
** Fans and Fries in Paris

** Heather’s News **

So I keep getting emails asking: “where’s the newsletter?” Okay, I skipped a few months. There just wasn’t one interesting thing going on in the entire city to tell you about. Or…busy Heather just got busier! Blame the French tax people. Back in February I opened a new company, Fleur-de-Lire, which now encompasses all of my various projects, including the Secrets of Paris website, the guided tours, and the publication of the Naughty Paris guide (that itself is taking up more time than planned, arg!). So the French tax people are now a lot happier since they can read my business plan in French and extract their considerable percentage, and I can get back to doing what I do best, which is to tell y’all about all of the cool stuff happening in Paris right now (mostly thanks to the creative spending of aforementioned taxes I’ve been paying). Ever since summer arrived (June 21), it has been chilly and wet in Paris . But never fear…that just means you don’t have t…

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