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Newsletter #65: December 2005

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* From the Editor
* A Good Cause: Art Auction for Cancer Research
* A Less Expensive Good Cause: Metro Calendars
* Charitable Christmas Markets
* Equitable Commerce Boutique
* Fair Trade Coffee
* Feed the World
* See the Pretty Lights
* Entertainment: Jacques Brel on the Seine
* Book Event
* Hotel News
* Shopping: Luxury Pet Carriers
* Drinking & Dining: Cozy Tea Room
* Drinking & Dining: Breakfast in America
* Drinking and Dining: Polly Maggoo’s
* Nightlife: House of Live Changes Name
* Shopping, Drinking & Dining: A Day at the Puces
* Shopping/Art: Portes Ouvertes
* Christmas Eve Tour: Sinners and Saints
* Museum News: Girodet, Melancholy, Cinema and Buddha
* Don’t Go: The Salon de Noël
* A Serenade in Paris ?
* Shameless Promotion
* Heather’s Christmas Wish List: An Agent
* R.I.P. Rivierawriter.com

* From the Editor *

Ho ho ho! (don’t ask me for the French version of that)
As usual, Paris looks even *better* than it usually does, decked out for the holidays with sparkling street lights, imaginative window displays, and flocked pine trees propped up in every square. Even the most jaded of my Parisian friends can be caught sighing in appreciation. As a guest in foreign country (whether you’re a tax-payer or just passing through) it’s easy to forget to be thankful for the opportunity to live or visit such a beautiful place. You’re all used to me ranting by now, but I hope it doesn’t ring hollow when I say that, even on holiday in Paris , we shouldn’t forget those less fortunate than ourselves. And it doesn’t even require you to donate your time or money. Below you’ll find the regular schwag bag of Paris secrets, along with ideas for giving back to the community through responsible shopping, with addresses of equitable commerce boutiques and independent artisan ma…

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