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Newsletter #61: June 2005



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* From the Editor *

The past few days have been so hot and humid that everyone ran out and bought fans. I ended up watching Batman Begins at the Grand Ecran (Italie 2 shopping center) just to enjoy a few hours of air conditioning. Of course, today a cool breeze has blown in, meaning we can all go out and enjoy the Fête de la Musique without the inconvenience of sweating like cochons (which just isn’t becoming in Paris). So what do the Parisians wear when it’s this hot? Mostly little tank tops and shirts (ladies) and short, lightweight pants (we called ‘em clam-diggers in Arizona) and t-shirts for the guys. Flip-flops are okay; cut-off’s, black socks with sandals, and any shorts that aren’t fitted and short (ie those big, unflattering square things popular in American suburbs) are not. Personally, I think Parisiennes should adopt the custom of carrying around pretty sun parasols like the Japanese tourists. Also doubles as a handy pigeon-poo shield. Enjoy the first official d…

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