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Newsletter #58: April 2005



  • From the Editor
  • Calling all Writers
  • French Manners for Kids
  • The French Open for Just €15
  • Word of Warning
  • Franco-American Acting Classes
  • The Ultimate French Lingerie
  • Spring and Summer Tours
  • A new free English Paris magazine
  • Chauffeured Tours of Paris, Normandy, Loire Valley
  • Have you read my book?
  • Sad News

* From the Editor *

Hey, where’d March go? I really did mean to get the newsletter out last month, but alas, the tour season has started, keeping me busier than usual, and being back in the center of Paris makes it so easy to just pop out for dinner or a quick drink with friends that quickly turns into marathon bar-hopping sessions! So I needed a vacation from all the fun and ran off to the Netherlands for a week of blissful relaxation, where the beer is cheap, the people are friendly, and everyone speaks perfect English (and daydreams of a Secrets of Holland newsletter lurking in my brain). Back in Paris, spring has definitely sprung after a snowy March, with colorful tulips in the parks, little green leaves on all of the trees, and couples smooching on every corner. *Sigh* Lots going on the rest of April and May, so keep checking up on the calendar, and do feel free to give me a virtual (friendly) poke when I’m behind! – Heather

* Calling all Writers! *

There are still spaces left f…

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