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Newsletter #54: November 2004

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* From the Editor
* Wine Tasting: Ô Chateau
* Two Excellent French Music Groups
* Accommodation: Paris Hotel Deals
* Paris on Ice
* Claire’s Night Tours
* Context Paris Tours
* Thanks from Sylvie and Christine (and me)!
* Dining Out: The Bad, the Good, the Excellent
* Ecole du Louvre Fashion Lectures
* History and Current Affairs Debates
* Weapons of Mass Deception: Exposing the Media

* From the Editor

Time is still flying, and by the time those of you in the US get this, it will already be December in Paris. And it sure does feel like it! Scraping ice off the windscreen, catching a cold, and buying a new pair of Isotoner’s have been some of my less interesting activities this month. On the plus side, I’ve met some fantastic people on my private tours, and have been getting a lot of great feedback on the guidebook. There’s a lot going on in Paris, and I’ve been trying to get the Calendar updated as quickly as possible, but sometimes I do admit I put events up there the day before they take place. C’est la vie. For December I’m hip-deep in hotel visits for the next Fodor’s edition, and have included a few noteworthy ones below. Holiday lights, Christmas trees and the smell of roasting chestnuts are popping up all over the city. Hope you all have a stress-free holiday season! -Heather

* Wine Tasting: Ô Chateau

Wine tasting can …

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