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Newsletter #51: September 2004



* From the Editor
* This Weekend
* Dining/Drinking: Wine Bistros
* Services: A Nouvelle Hair Style
* Accommodation: Airport Hotel
* Services: What’s Up with the Paris Tourism Office?
* Practical: Parking in Paris
* Shopping: Happy at the FNAC
* Shopping: Walk and Roll Skates
* Sightseeing: Heather’s Paris Tours
* Sightseeing: At Night
* Writers and Readings
* Outdoor Adventure: Cycling Club

* From the Editor *

Ahhh…nothing better than a sunny September day sitting at the computer with the window open, a glass of red wine, the Eurythmics on the stereo, and the doggies snoozing peacefully as I begin this month’s newsletter.

[Two weeks later…]

It was so nice outside I actually allowed myself to be talked into an evening picnic with friends on the banks of the Ile-St-Louis (thanks Thomas!), and then real world deadlines pile up and the newsletter gets a bit behind schedule. Not that there’s a schedule, of course, but I was a bit sheepish when Terry and Maureen, two Secrets of Paris readers I met last week at Ric’s Metropole Club, mentioned that they had hoped to get the September issue before their vacation. And of course there are so many wonderful things going on in Paris right now! September has always been my favorite month, and not just because it’s my birthday (Libra’s rock, woo hoo!). So I’m back at the computer, beer in hand, the Clash on the stereo, and the determinati…

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