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Newsletter #50: August 2004

Paris rooftops


* From the Editor
* Nightlife: Bar du Plaza Athénée
* Dining: Lebanese Gourmet Delivery
* Culture: Couture Bread for a Cause
* Literary Paris: Classes and Calls for Submissions
* Entertainment: Disney Night Discount
* Sightseeing: Garden Townhouses of the 19th
* Outdoors: Threezing in Throgland
* Outdoors: Golfing around the Ile-de-France
* Accommodation: Two Budget Hotel Recommendations
* Accommodation: Sex & the City Package
* Shopping: Outlet Mall Shuttle
* Practical: Renting Wheels
* Armchair Travelers: Sofia Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette
* News: Royal Heart Finally Laid to Rest

* Update: Rivoli Artist Squat Closed to Visitors
* Advice: How to Look Parisian

* From the Editor *

Woo hoo! Welcome to the 50th Secrets of Paris newsletter! From its humble beginnings as a group e-mail to friends living in Paris back in January 2001, it evolved into a public list on Yahoo! Groups, then finally found a home at http://www.SecretsofParis.com. I’d like to extend a big group hug to all of you who have spread the word about this one-person show. You’ve helped raise the number of subscribers from 165 for Newsletter #25 to almost 1000 today! And that doesn’t even take into account all of the people who read the newsletter online or get it forwarded from their friends. In the coming months keep your eyes peeled for new changes on the website, including an easier way to sift through the archives. Your comments, suggestions, and encouragement are always appreciated (keep it clean) – don’t forget that this newsletter is for YOU! If you want to see more or less of something, let me know. Is the layout too hard to read? I can change that. Does the editor ramble on too much? Tough cookies…

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