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Newsletter #49: July 2004

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* From the Editor *

Lance is God on Wheels! C’mon, even if you’ve never cared much for cycling, you have to admit that winning the Tour de France 6 times in a row is pretty hard core. Can you believe they ride for 21 days, usually 6-7 hours at a time without getting off (unless they fall off…ouchie). From the Pyrenees through the Alps and into Paris, I got to see Lance Armstrong literally whiz by – up hill – with an international mix of hungry competitors close on his heels, even after lead contenders Hamilton and Mayo dropped out. Like a three-week long tail-gate party, the Tour is a blast to follow, with the exception of Paris (too crowded…too flat), and I’m already planning on how I’ll get to watch again next summer. In other news, the book (my book) is supposedly coming off the printer’s presses this week, and one of you might actually even see it before me (it takes awhile for books to arrive overseas)! Stay tuned… -H

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