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Newsletter #43: February 2004

vintage Paris photo

* From the Home Office *

Paris or Bust! Mr. Hall has accepted a job offer from a company in Paris, so we’re knee deep in boxes once again for the move up next week. We’re actually only taking what will fit in our car (and with the dogs, we’re not going to get much into a Renault Clio) and putting the rest into storage until we find permanent housing. And thanks to everyone who sent letters of encouragement during the past few months! To celebrate, I’m organizing the first ever Secrets of Paris contest (see details below), and the newsletter will be sent out twice per month from now on. In other news, my Paris & Ile-de-France Adventure Guide is a bit behind schedule at the publisher’s, so it probably won’t be available until the end of April. I’ll keep you all posted! – H

* Pro-France Slogan Contest Announcement! *

It was hard not to notice all of the anti-French slo…

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