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Newsletter #42: January 2004

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* From the Home Office *

Not much news to report this month…so far 2004 (and the year of “le singe”) has been pretty quiet. After a trip back to the States to catch up with the family, I started applying for “real jobs” back here in France. Freelancing may be fun for the 9am daily sleep-ins and the ability to work in my pjs, but every once in awhile it’s nice to have a steady income. The local prospects down here on the Riviera aren’t very good, so Mr. Heather and I will probably end up back in Paris within a month or two. Seeing the snow blanketing the Paris suburbs on last nights newscast doesn’t make a mid-winter move seem so ideal. On the plus side, the newsletter will be even better (if I can find all this stuff by visiting once a month, imagine what I’d find living there again). Send all of your good luck vibes this way – I’ll need them! – H

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