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Newsletter #41: December 2003


* From the Home Office *

This month’s Secrets of Paris is a bit behind schedule due to the crazy month I’ve been having. The Adventure Guide to Paris & Ile-de-France was finished on time for November 30 (thanks to all of you who sent in your encouragements on that final stretch!), and the promo cover is already up on Hunter’s website (www.hunterpublishing.com) if you click on Adventure Guides and scroll down to Paris (you’ll have to wait until March to actually buy it. The day after I sent it in I got sick, so there was only a short celebration. I had to leave immediately for Amsterdam for a week of writing hotel copy for Expedia, and the cold turned into the flu, so I spent the whole time in bed watching Dutch MTV when I wasn’t in meetings. Blech. Back in France, I had a lovely Christmas with friends visiting from San Francisco and England for the week. The day after they left it rained heavily for two days, and the newly-built, ten-foot-tall stone retaining wall at our…

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