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Newsletter #34: March 2003

vintage Paris photo

* From the Home Office *

Okay, I missed the February issue, but it’s such a short month! I’ve been busy with the guidebook and updating Paris info for Expedia.com, easyJet inflight magazine, Avant Guide Paris, WCities and ELLE Hong Kong. I spent two weeks in Paris in late January and early February. Brrrr! I got snowed on, which usually is fun in Paris, but I was outside all day running around looking at shops and hotels. The lowlights of the trip: catching the flu (la grippe) and pulling a muscle in my leg (my new shoes had a flatter heel than my old Reebok’s, so I ended up over-stretching the calf). One of the highlights: I was trying to photograph the front of the Ritz Hotel at Place Vendôme for an ELLE article, and out walks Hugh Grant, looking fabulous (with an unrecognizable blonde at his side). And I never see famous people in Paris! Below are some of the other little tidbits I picked up on the trip. I’ll be going back up March 12 for a couple of weeks, so look for the nex…

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